Big Sun is a leading producer of simple, sustainable, sun-grown cannabis on-scale.

We are second generation cannabis farmers that have a unique relationship with the plant. Our passion for growing the best sun-grown cannabis is at the very heart of this relationship.

It is based on Trust, we give the plant everything it needs from sun, water and our special blend of organic fertilizer and the plant in turn provides everything we need – it has provided for our families for over 40 years!

Experienced Management & Staff

Our Project managers have a combined 100 years of experience ensuring delivery of quality and on-time product with expertise spanning  a wide range of

  • Agricultural & Cannabis Policy

  • Community, Government, and Media Relations,

  • Product management and marketing

  • Strategic & Technology counseling.

Our employees are trained and knowledgeable and are available for any questions.

Investment Opportunities Available Now

With an Estimated $50M Annual Revenue by 2019, Big Sun has the capacity to securitize loans against properties in Humboldt and Mendocino Counties.

Our 20+ farms are owned and operated in the premiere zone for outdoor/greenhouse production. Big Sun founders have over 1000 harvests with over 75 tons of premium cannabis.